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InsurSys™, our innovative suite of easy-to-use property and casualty insurance software, gives you the power to scale smartly, stay compliant, and accelerate growth without costly system replacements. Whether you are looking for an easily configurable way to manage your rates, process billing tasks, control capacity, or even a simpler, faster way to perform a Florida takeout. Contact West Point Insurance Services if you have any questions or would like to see a demo.

These P&C insurance software products are designed for your needs by people that KNOW INSURANCE.

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P&C Insurance Rating Software

Manage your rates, underwriting rules, and forms with InsurRate. This is one of the many property and casualty insurance software solutions that will assist you in seamless and effortless control over all aspects of the rating process.

P&C Insurance Claims Software

From the FNOL to your company’s extensive claims history, InsurClaims puts the entire claims process in one user-friendly interface. This software will help you maintain compliance, analyze your CAT information, and streamline processing claims.

P&C Insurance Billing Software

Receive real-time invoicing, process payments and refunds, and keep track of your company’s billing history with InsurBill. With this property and casualty insurance software product, day-to-day billing operations are a breeze.

Florida Citizens Takeouts Software

Our newest property and casualty insurance software, InsurTakeout is a plug-and-play system designed to stand up your company to take on policies from the Florida Citizens Depopulation Program.

P&C Insurance Workflow Management Software

If you have trouble maintaining control over your daily workflow, check out InsurFlow: a one-stop document management system that tracks work items from receipt in-house to completion.

P&C Insurance Analysis Software

Using data from InsurSys™ products or your company data, InsurAnalysis provides a trusted Business Intelligence Solution. InsurAnalysis gives you a reliable data warehouse and premium tools for analysis.

Manual, repetitive processes can easily be automated to help your workday flow smoother and allow you to focus more on your clients. Using InsurScript, West Point Insurance Services can use your data to create a property and casualty insurance software solution tailored to your company.

“If you’re scaling up a new or existing venture, we can help you grow big without outlaying significant costs and execution risks.”

Doug Vatter, President, West Point Insurance Services

Utilize Our P&C Insurance Software

Your insurance company has the potential to thrive with the right property and casualty insurance software solutions. Contact West Point Insurance Services if you want to license and customize InsurSys™ or any of its included products for your business.

West Point Insurance Services has been recognized as one of the Top Software Development Companies in Florida by DesignRush.