Property and casualty insurance claims software

Looking for insurance claims software to help manage your day-to-day? West Point Insurance Services offers InsurClaims™, our property and casualty insurance claims management system. InsurClaims is part of InsurSys™, our full suite of insurance management software solutions. Use InsurClaims to manage your claims, view policy information, process payments, and much more. The main components of this software are the friendly homepage interface, the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) screen, and the Claims History page. Our useful software automatically collects the data needed throughout the entire claims process. Your business can then use this data to maintain compliance, develop and strengthen your staff, and analyze CAT information. Allow us to give you a brief introduction into your next go-to property and casualty insurance claims software, InsurClaims.

P&C Claims Management Software

When you first enter InsurClaims, you will land on our homepage, featuring various widgets to streamline your claims management process. Each widget serves a specific purpose, such as directing you to your recently viewed claims, claims specifically assigned to you, unassigned claims, outstanding FNOLs, and pending approvals. Our property and casualty insurance claims software automatically assigns claims, so consider the unassigned claims widget a precaution. Whether you are able to approve claims or not, the software will show pending claims that have been submitted and are awaiting approval.
Property and casualty insurance claims management system

FNOL Screen

This function is mainly going to be used by clients when they visit your website to submit claims. With dynamic questions that adapt to the information provided, clients can provide all necessary information which will then be easily accessible and fully manageable. The software can tell the role of the person using the screen and is able to determine what information to show at a given time. This screen also features a way for insurance companies to determine if a catastrophic event has any effect on the claim. If the event did not occur at the time of the loss, then it will not be associated with that particular claim. This property and casualty insurance claims software will help manage your FNOLs and make filing claims easier for clients and agents.
Property and casualty insurance claims software

Claims History

Stay on top of important information regarding previous claims on the Claims History page. Sections on this page include loss information, policy information, additional interest, litigation information, other parties involved, attachments, reserves and payments, and notes and tasks. This section of our property and casualty insurance claims software allows companies to create canned emails and letters and track related claims. You can create tasks for underwriting, configure banners, add and edit vendors, and add examiners and staff adjusters to the system to be assigned to claims. It is a role-based system, so you will only see the sections assigned to your own personal role.

Insurance Claims Management Software

If you need a better way to manage your claims, InsurClaims may be the perfect option for you. Our easy-to-use property and casualty insurance claims software is user-friendly and intuitive, allowing all clients and companies to effortlessly file and manage claims. Reach out to West Point Insurance Services if you are interested in purchasing our property and casualty insurance claims software.

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