Insurance Analytics Software

Analyzing data can be overwhelming, especially when you don’t have a good way to organize that data. Our insurance analytics software is here to help. InsurAnalysis™ is part of InsurSys™, a full suite of property and casualty insurance automation software created by West Point Insurance Services. Each of our helpful products is created by a team of insurance experts who aim to make the day-to-day policy management and processes more streamlined for insurance companies. Using InsurAnalysis data is fed from InsurRate and InsurClaims into an easily organized, user-friendly interface. Transform the way you analyze data with our insurance analytics solutions.
Insurance Analytics Solutions

P&C Insurance Analytics Software

Easily manage your insurance claims analytics with the help of InsurAnalysis. This software provides a trusted and reliable data warehouse that uses self-service Business Intelligence to help both internal and external stakeholders get the information they need so it can be easily analyzed. InsurAnalysis helps put all your data in one place so you can do with it what you need, including transferring the data to Excel or Microsoft Power BI to create your own reports. Our suite of back-office support insurance analytics software will help you keep your data in an organized and easily accessible space in order to help you improve your everyday operations.

Analyze Data Your Way

When you use InsurAnalysis as your insurance analytics software, you have full control over what you do with your data. Our interface allows you to utilize and manipulate data right within the program. No matter how you plan to manage and analyze your data, InsurAnalysis is here to help make everything easier. If you have any questions about our insurance analytics software solutions, reach out to West Point Insurance Services.

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