P&C Insurance Billing Software

Insurance Billing Software

As an insurance company, keeping track of your client billing information can be a hassle. That’s why the experts at West Point Insurance Services created InsurBill, the P&C insurance billing software that will transform your billing operations, allowing you to focus on caring for your clients. This software makes billing a breeze with everything you need in one place. Whether you need to configure payment plan options, process payments or issue refunds, manage your data, or view billing history, InsurBill will provide a streamlined and simple way to do it all. Explore the benefits of InsurBill, the P&C insurance billing software from West Point Insurance Services. Contact our team with any questions or to get set up with InsurBill.
P&C Insurance Billing Software

Your P&C Insurance Billing Software

Billing is one of the dreaded daily operations that is absolutely vital for your business to function. With InsurBill, you can spend less time worrying about managing your billing and more time focusing on your customers. In fact, this software will not only benefit you, it will provide an enhanced customer experience by improving your payment collection process and reducing the number of discrepancies. On the backend, you can easily assign users a variety of roles with different configurable permissions and abilities, including payment processing, account suspension, refund processing, company editing, access to global data, and more. Our software is perfect for when you need to look up the billing history for a specific policy, search transactions, and process payments. Allow your company to thrive with the help of our intuitive P&C insurance billing software.
P&C Insurance Billing Software

Transform Your Billing

Our team is ready to help your insurance company conquer billing operations with InsurBill. If you are interested, one of our dedicated experts will walk you through the setup process and show you how to use our P&C insurance billing software. Our customer service department is available 24/7, so you can always reach out if you ever have any issues or questions. Contact us to set up your business with InsurBill.

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