How Do I Batch Process Our Payments?

How do I batch process our payments?

Processing payments is a necessary, yet often tedious task, that is absolutely vital to the insurance industry. West Point Insurance Services found a way to streamline this process with our software, InsurBill. To prepare, make sure you have the payment spreadsheet downloaded so you can easily upload it into the software. Then, follow these steps to batch process payments for your insurance company.

Step 1: Enter your portal and go to the Employees tab.

Step 2: Select “Billing.”

How To Batch Process Payments

Step 3: Hover over “Customer Service.”

Step 4: Click “Process Payments.”

Process Payments With InsurBill

Step 5: Select the right company.

Step 6: Hit “Select Lockbox File” to upload the spreadsheet.

How To Batch Process Insurance Payments

Step 7: Make sure all the information is correct.

Step 8: Click “Submit Payments.”

Need InsurBill?

Ensure your insurance company is making the best use of its time by streamlining your daily billing processes with InsurBill. If you are interested in having your company set up with InsurBill or the entire InsurSys™ suite, contact the team at West Point Insurance Services.