Insurance Workflow Management System

How do you and your team manage your workflow? For many, it’s a mess of paperwork, email attachments, calendar apps, and full filing cabinets leading to unnecessary mixups and discrepancies that interrupt the workday. Equip your business with InsurFlow, the insurance workflow management system that was developed by insurance experts. West Point Insurance Services knows the ins and outs of the insurance industry, so we know the tools you require to keep your operations going smoothly. InsurFlow is a one-stop shop for document management, including work received from customers, mortgage companies, and agencies. All information regarding your accounts will be in one place. We recommend that you use our entire suite of P&C insurance software, InsurSys™, to streamline your private insurance company with easy-to-use insurance business process management systems. Contact West Point Insurance Services to learn more about InsurFlow and the InsurSys suite.
Insurance Business Process Management

Insurance Workflow Software

Without a way to easily organize and access your company documents, there’s a world of administrative disaster on the horizon. Disruptions resulting from confusion and human error can easily be avoided with the proper insurance workflow management system. InsurFlow ensures all documents are stored and sent to the proper location, allowing documents to be sent to the necessary agent or client to make changes to policies or items noted within claims. Any submitted items will be sent through a verification process where the system identifies common documents. We have the tools to enhance this process so if you receive any documentation with a missing or incorrect policy number, it will be sorted together for review and all identifiable documents will be automatically attached to the proper policy. If you are currently using any of our other InsurSys software, such as InsurClaims or InsurBill, these products will work together seamlessly to optimize your daily workflow and keep all of the important documentation as part of the policy record.
Insurance Workflow Management Software

Insurance Workflow Management

Watch your business thrive with an insurance workflow management system that was expertly crafted to make life easier for those in the insurance industry. To get set up with InsurFlow or any other P&C insurance software, speak with the team at West Point Insurance Services.

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