Insurance rating software

Keep your ratings simple, transparent, and quick with InsurRate™ from West Point Insurance Services. At West Point Insurance Services, we offer a variety of insurance software solutions to assist with your day-to-day practices supporting Personal Lines and Commercial Property and managing the full lifecycle of a policy. As part of our InsurSys™ Policy Administration system, we offer insurance rating software to help clients manage their rates, underwriting rules, and forms. You can make rating changes easily without needing vendor interaction, so your daily tasks will be seamless and effortless. Discover all the possibilities of using our insurance rating software to improve your insurance company and allow for more attention to be placed on your relationships with clients.
insurance quote management system

Insurance Rating Engine Rate Watcher

Our insurance rating engine features the handy Rate Watcher tool. View your dynamic rating as items change in the system. Your rate will change instantly without any need for button pressing or hitting refresh, so you will always be up-to-date on the latest changes in the premium.

Insurance Quote Management System

Maintain control over the amount of policies written in a certain area. Within 20 seconds of logging in, you can easily shut down binding authority for a specific area in case of an incoming storm or other impending events that could affect your rates. With InsurRate™, you can easily stop a quote from continuing or refer that quote to our underwriting department for review.
insurance rating system

Insurance Rating Software

West Point Insurance Services’ top-notch insurance rating system allows insurance companies to collect and maintain agent information, such as license, states writing in, and commission levels. The insurance rating software also allows clients to access a database of park information to view any updates that may affect the writing of mobile home lines. When it comes to record changes, you can easily move policies between agents and even select a date in advance for the policies to transfer, allowing for you to plan ahead of time. InsurRate™ is also your destination to view policy history, with a snapshot overview including billing information, documentation, claims, underwritings, and any other information.

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Gain control over your day-to-day tasks with insurance rating software that will improve your processes and allow for a more efficient work week. Take your insurance rating management to the next level with InsurRate™. Contact West Point Insurance Services to learn more about our insurance rating software.

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