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Insurance BPO Services

Focus on growing your business and let our insurance experts do the rest. West Point Insurance Services offers a variety of helpful P&C Insurance BPO Services, including Underwriting, Claims, Customer Service & Billing, Accounting, and Print & Mail. Our licensed professionals know exactly what your company needs and can manage these processes for you. We will accept your calls and handle the day-to-day operations so you have more time to dedicate to enhancing your business and catering to your clients.

P&C Insurance BPO

Achieving quality and compliance doesn’t need to consume manpower and resources. All you need is the right P&C insurance outsourcing service. Our Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions create savings, certainty, flexibility, efficiencies, and speed-to-market. They also deliver transparency for peace of mind. Our customized P&C insurance BPO services — built by insurance experts on industry knowledge and designed to meet your goals — include:


Enlist our team of licensed professionals to manage your entire underwriting process. We will assign a team of experts with a wide range of experience in P&C insurance underwriting services who will assess the risk level of the property in question and draft a fair and accurate underwriting.

Customer Service & Billing

24 hours a day, seven days a week, we provide 100% on-shore customer service and
billing resources to help your processes run smoothly.


Our knowledgeable claims personnel have the tools and skills to provide prompt and fair BPO insurance services while controlling costs. With cradle to grave claims handling, we assess cause of loss, set reasonable reserves from the FNOL, and offer help from a fully trained AOB specialist.


As your trusted third-party P&C insurance outsourcing company, we combine expertise
and best practices to ensure optimal accuracy and efficiency while keeping track of posting,
balancing, and controlling premium receivables.

Print & Mail

If you have trouble printing and shipping deliverables to your policyholders on time, enlist the help of West Point Insurance Services. Our print & mail outsourcing for P&C insurance companies includes high-quality print and finishing, speedy and accurate processes, and the handling of written communications for your business.

Assisting With Anything

Your business can trust West Point Insurance Services with all of your BPO outsourcing needs. Contact our experts to find out more about our P&C insurance outsourcing services.

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For Heritage Insurance, West Point Insurance Services successfully performed the takeout of over 41,000 homeowner policies from Florida’s state pool and rolled out a new voluntary homeowner line within three months.

West Point Insurance Services has been recognized as one of the Top BPO Companies in Florida by DesignRush.