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Are you looking to take advantage of Florida Takeouts? West Point Insurance Services is here to help! As more policies become eligible for removal from Florida’s Citizens Property Insurance Company (Citizens), you can jump on the opportunity to start your own insurance company or take on some of these policies through your existing insurance company. Thanks to our combined 135 years of experience and proven track record of quickly, accurately, and efficiently executing Citizens Takeouts, West Point Insurance Services can help by providing the proper systems and software solutions that you will need to successfully take on more policies and expand your business. Contact West Point Insurance Services today and get started.
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Get a headstart on the next takeout period with the help of the experts at West Point Insurance Services. Our team can help you prepare to take on thousands of policies by providing the proper software and expertise. Start your own insurance company and begin accepting takeout policies with all the necessary tools. If you are an existing insurance company, West Point can help ensure you have all the assets and software required to expand and accept any amount  of takeout policies that you desire. Our team has an expert understanding of the processes, regulations, and requirements, so we are able to guarantee speed-to-market and serve as a great investment resource for new and expanding insurance companies. You can benefit from Citizens’ ongoing depopulation efforts, so reach out to West Point Insurance Services and start gaining more policies today!

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Don’t wait to start preparing for the next takeout period. West Point Insurance Services is here to provide a system that will work for you and your business. Place your trust in West Point Insurance Services and contact us to learn more about how we can help you take advantage of future Florida Takeouts.
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Our Work With Florida Takeouts

Heritage Insurance chose West Point for their deep knowledge and proven track record within the Florida insurance market, local presence, and commitment to have Heritage up and running within 3 months. As planned, West Point successfully performed their initial Citizens Takeout of 41,731 homeowner policies from Florida’s state pool and all of their subsequent takeouts.  Then we rolled out the new voluntary Homeowner line as scheduled.
As promised, Mount Beacon Insurance took over $50 Million in policies on schedule. The estimated savings on reinsurance alone was between $10 -$12 million to this new insurance carrier. In today’s market, that equates to approximately $200 – $300 per policy on a $1,000 policy.

“WPIS is a one-stop-shop, with expertise in all necessary components of an insurance company. WPIS understands the insurance industry, the semantics, how insurance is communicated, while other vendors are just programmers. All variables associated with functionality and management are present and available there.”

Tony Scognamiglio, former COO of Excalibur Insurance Company