Customer Service & Billing

BPO Customer Service

Customer Service & Billing

BPO Customer Support

West Point Insurance Services appreciates the trust our customers place in our professionals and their abilities to perform excellent Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services. As part of our BPO services, we provide full customer service and billing support services to help our clients in any way possible and provide full transparency and peace of mind throughout the whole process. Our experts strive to meet West Point’s core values of Customer Service, Accountability, Innovative Solutions, Efficiency, and Leadership, and to prove the best possible client experience.

Full-Time BPO Customer Service

At West Point Insurance Services, the full-time customer support center is always available to answer any questions or provide customer care outsourcing for any support you need. Here are some of the features our Five9 Enterprise Phone System offers to optimize your BPO Customer Service experience:
  • Easily configurable new call queues
  • Customizable phone scripts
  • Live dashboard queue monitoring
  • Web chat interaction
  • Integration to policy administration system for automated lookup
  • Automated and on-demand reporting
  • A customer satisfaction survey
  • Cradle to grave traceability
  • Call reason tracking
  • Call recording and monitoring
Insurance Billing Outsourcing

Our Process

For any new BPO Customer Service assignment given to our experts, the team will follow our standardized three-step process to produce a solution:
  • Requirement Analysis: We begin by gaining an understanding of the client’s needs to find out what is required to meet them. The team will analyze the challenge you are facing to begin brainstorming solutions.
  • Planning: Our product specialists will use their requirement analysis to come up with a plan to address the client’s needs and come up with a solution. They will meet you to discuss their plan and to carry out the Property & Casualty Underwriting process.
  • Implementation: Once the team has client approval, the specialists will immediately begin implementing the plan and update the client of any new progress or noteworthy events. Your personalized underwriting team will be assigned and we will become your source of direct reports about any new information that may affect your business.

We Are An Extension Of You

Think of our BPO Customer Service team as an extension of you. We are dedicated experts in the insurance field that focus on your business and customers. Your team will immerse themselves in becoming experts on your situation, and use their know-how to deliver an accurate and resourceful risk management philosophy. The agents on your team will educate themselves on all aspects of your business, working with customers and agents to fully walk through all the essential functions, such as the rules, culture, and philosophy of your business. Trust our team to serve as an extension of you and to give you the optimal customer experience.
Customer Care Outsourcing

Billing Support

Our 100% on-shore Policy Administration, Underwriting, Call Center, & Claims agency offers comprehensive billing outsourcing services for all of our carriers. Our team is proud to include precise timings, transparency, traceability, follow-ups, and multiple payment options as part of this comprehensive service. Our insurance billing outsourcing service is designed to save you valuable assets, time, and money with exceptional back-office management services, including:
  • Insurance Billing and Accounts Receivable Services are performed by our team of experienced insurance billing experts to help you understand the complexities of the billing process by tailoring solutions to help increase speed-to-cash, reduce errors, and lower bad debt.
  • State-of-the-art billing system to generate insurance premium invoices in the required format.
  • Categorized invoices, and billing reports tailored to client needs.
  • Disaster overflow coverage.
  • Payment Processing and full reconciliation of EFT, credit cards, and direct billing methods.
  • Insurance payment reminders.
  • Production and processing of billing exception reporting on client needs, perfected thanks to our years of experience capturing potential billing mishaps.
Our customer-centric staff is trained in the correct procedures and use of policy guidelines to provide expertise in handling various billing services, the best billing practices for process accuracy, and customized BPO customer service and support solutions for individual needs. To get in touch with our call center, call 727-507-7565.
Outsourcing Billing Services

Disaster Coverage

West Point Insurance Services offers clients Disaster Coverage to help the business go on as usual in the case that a significant event causes your facility to become inoperable or overwhelmed. Here’s how our BPO Customer Service & Billing professionals will help you if anything goes wrong:
  • Responding to phone or electronic communications on your behalf, using a set of scripts and procedures developed with you.
  • Providing dedicated, toll-free phone numbers.
  • Entering data from calls, faxes, or emails into systems of your choosing.
  • Fully document all communications and provide dashboard reports.
  • Elevating critical calls to appropriate staff members at your direction.
  • Managing inbound and outbound calls for insureds, agents, and third parties.
  • Taking service, billing, underwriting, and claims calls within your customized parameters, guided by our strict Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
  • Accepting credit card payments (via third-party software).
  • All above services are performed with complete transparency to you, but we are invisible to your customers and agents, as we are working on your behalf behind the scenes.

Your Expert Insurance Services

Our BPO Customer Service & Billing teams are ready to stand behind you for all your insurance service outsourcing needs. Discover all the other ways West Point Insurance Services can help you  have a better understanding of how your insurance and billing functions, receive accurate and fair underwritings, make claims, and reimagine the way your business handles insurance. Contact us today to get started.

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