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Is Your Company Prepared For Citizens Takeouts?

Is Your Company Ready for Citizens Takeouts? 5 Ways to Prepare for the Florida Citizens Depopulation Program The Florida Citizens Depopulation Program presents an exciting opportunity for insurance companies to expand their market share and take on new policies. The experts at West Point Insurance Services understand the challenges companies face during this transition. In…

Florida Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday

With the cost of living and inflation rising, there is a light shining in the state of Florida. With hurricane season right around the corner, the state has launched their Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday. It’s time to start your hurricane season prep for things like batteries, portable light sources, cleaning supplies and even things…

Why Flood Insurance Is Important In Florida

Coastal storms are one of the biggest causes of flood damage in the state of Florida. Following Hurricane Ian, all Florida residents who carry with Citizens Property Insurance Corp. are now required to carry flood insurance in addition to standard home insurance policies.

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